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Nasi seeloknya d basuh atau erti kata lain d bilas bagi menghilangkan kutu, ataupun habuk2 beras. bg yg beragama islam tu, seeloknya smbil basuh tu selawat la.

Selepas d yakini kebersihan beras yg telah d bilas, baru sukat air tuk d tanak bersama nasi nnt. ni la part yg paling kritikal sbb kalau terlebih air, nasi jadi lembik. terkurang nasi keras sgt. Kalau nk mudah sukat guna jari telunjuk.

Caranya ratakan beras dan letakkan jari pada permukaan beras. lepas tu sukat air sampai paras pertama jari telunjuk.

Learning how to cook rice. The reason why so many people are keen on finding out more on how to cook rice is that this aliment allows them to transform simple ten minutes meals to complicated and impressive dishes that can be served at official receptions. It is important to note that rice will usually triple its volume when cooked and therefore, you should ensure that you have the right size cookware and that you add the recommended amount of rice when you are preparing a rice meal. In addition, because not all types of rice you find in stores is especially selected, it is recommended that you wash it twice before you start cooking it.

If you are interested in how to cook rice fast, then you will need to have a microwave, margarine or butter and a spicy sauce. This simple recipe implies that you combine a 250 ml cup of water with half of cup of rice that you place in a medium size microwave safe dish. In order to enhance the taste of the rice, it is advisable that you add half a teaspoon of salt and about 10 grams of margarine or butter. In case the butter is salty, you do not need to add salt to the mixture. Once you finished the preparations, cover the dishware, add it in the microwave and it will be ready in approximately five minutes. Let the rice cool down a bit, add sauce to your liking and you are done.

Most cookbooks will simply tell you that you need to have a certain quantity of boiled rice, without mentioning how to cook rice. Therefore, in case you are unaware of the method, here is what you should do in order to get it perfectly cooked and be able to server it as a side-dish or, why not, as a dish itself. As a rule of thumb, for every cup of rice you want to add, you will need one cup and a half of water. Do not forget to add some olive oil or butter in the mixture in order to ensure it will not stick together.

In case you need to cook for a reception or party and you are clueless about the meals you should prepare, then one idea is to have chicken barbecue with rice. While the chicken should be marinated and then placed on the grill, here are some ideas on how to cook rice: one trick you can employ to enhance the taste of the rice is to boil it in fruit or vegetable juice instead of water. Not only will it be delicious, but some nutritionist claim that the juice will add vitamin A and antioxidants to the mixture.

While the aforementioned recipe is traditional, you can make the rice dish exotic if you were to boil it in coconut milk and serve it with coconut shrimp. Most guides on how to cook rice for this dish will advise you to add some water to the coconut milk you boil the rice in. The truth is that this way you can add a subtle flavor to the rice, as afterwards you can add a wide variety of exotic fruits or sauces that go very well with coconut.

For every cup of long grain rice, add 1 1/2 cups water

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